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Episode 163: Social Credits won't save you from nuclear annihilation.

In today's episode, we cover a number of great topics:

  • Babylon Bee article and Freedom Toons episode about the disastrous State of the Union

  • RANT OF THE WEEK: We cover the situation in Ukraine and how it grows more intense by the day

  • We also talk about the absurd new guidance given by FEMA on how to respond to nuclear fallout. Insane much? You decide!

  • Canada and the US are quietly slipping in Universal Basic Income. Part of their plan for making a utopian dystopia. We show you what that looks like.

  • DOUCHE OF THE WEEK: Trans bullies descend on a Texas university. This week the theme is Trans Bullying, and how this is the one kind of bullying that is not only defended, but cheered by our society. We also cover other prime examples of this trend.

  • SHREWD CHECK: Our Fearless leader Chrystia Freeland screwed up bad, and her allies in the legacy media try to gaslight you as being the bad guy for holding her to her own standard. We address the National Post's attempt to whitewash her dance with an actual Nazi sympathizer.

We hope you enjoy it!







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