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Episode 166: Ready! Aim! Fire!

In today's episode, we cover a number of great topics:

  • THIS WEEK IN SATIRE - The Babylon Bee roasts the Lia Thomas controversy by talking about little girl's dreams!

  • RANT OF THE WEEK: This week we address the Stockholm Syndrome evident in the various people angry that restrictions are being lifted and are crying "govern me harder daddy!"

  • IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: In our new segment, we address six different stories that came up this week in a rapid overview format. Everything from Jussie Smollett to Canada preparing for a lot of vaccine injuries claims

  • IT'S A TRAP!: In another new segment, we talk about how Zelenssky's speech in Congress is a trap, trying to guilt the west into starting WW3

  • DOUCHE OF THE WEEK: This week we take on a smug, entitled person who is succeeding at the expense of others. Lia Thomas just won major competitions this week, and it is a terrible thing for women. We fully take on the controversy.

We hope you enjoy it!






SOURCES USED: Additional Content on Lia Thomas

Interview after the race

The win (it wasn't even close)

Girl whose spot Lia stole was crying

The Crowd stops clapping for Thomas

Not even trying

Bullied teammates speak out Anonymous Teammate

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