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TSD Presents: IN THE KNOW! Why we won't take the COVID-19 Vaccines! (Plus PDF document with sources)

Updated: Sep 21, 2021


Click either link below to watch our 2 hour special:



Hello everyone!

So Stephen and myself finally did a vaccine special. We decided that instead of going through a rigorous overview of studies and data and videos, we would instead do a general overview of everything we knew thus far. It was the only way to do a comprehensive introduction as all sets of data and sources would require a very time consuming interpretation of all the data out there. However, I have begun to compile a list of sources, articles and evidence to supplement the information I stated on the article featured on this special. It is not complete yet, but I have added almost 100 sources thus far. All sources are linked to the footnotes in the document.

I hope this is a helpful resource for you as you try to become more informed and better prepared for the days ahead. Knowledge is power, and here at Half Blind Hecklers, we want you to be more informed than most!

I will update the PDF below as I continue to add more and more sources. I will make sure to let you know when the updates are done!



I HAVE UPDATED THIS PDF DOCUMENT SEPT 13. It has over 200 sources now listed. Feel free to download and share!

21 Reasons to say no to the jab (updated)
Download PDF • 374KB

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