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Mask Studies: A comprehensive compilation of the evidence

Hey everyone. So I've been working tirelessly on a project that I've been passionate about. I wanted to create a very detailed spreadsheet that outlines all of the studies I've been able to find about the efficacy of masks. I know it can be a bit overwhelming finding and sorting through the evidence as there is so much, but I took the time to collect the studies used and referenced by the CDC, Alberta health, Ontario Health, and a large number of excellent articles that have gone over the Mask Studies in great detail. As a result, I have provided you with two documents that I hope will help you sort through the noise and find what you are looking for. Some key conclusions I have found in sorting through the evidence:

  1. The vast, VAST majority of systematic reviews, meta-analyses and RCT's (randomized controlled trials) were entirely on the "masks make little to no difference" side of the debate.

  2. Many, if not all, of the studies used by pro-mask organizations have very severe flaws and problems that they neglect to mention or downright downplay. I was actually quite amazed at the dishonesty used by so many organizations, including the CDC, WHO, Alberta and Ontario health, and others.

  3. Most pro-mask studies seem to ignore the growing evidence that this virus travels through aerosols, which means masks are virtually useless in stopping spread. This would explain their obsession with "droplets", as they know full well that droplets are big enough for mask filters to stop, but not aerosols. If you're curious about this, I would recommend reading the very great write up called "Masks don't work" by Denis Rancourt.

  4. A ton of the "evidence" from the pro-mask advocates is very poor, makes grand assumptions and doesn't account for a ton of variables. Be aware that they're doing a lot of bait and switch, cherry picking and omission in much of their evidence.

I will update these two PDF's as I go, so keep checking back periodically for updated versions. This was all I could do today.

So I have attacked two PDF's below. The first is a word document I created of all of the most excellent articles I could find regarding masks. I highly recommend reading these in detail as not only do they provide great resources, but also help explain a lot of the science and the shenanigans of pro-mask advocates. The second PDF is a spreadsheet which has a very detailed and highly organized compilation of the scientific studies surrounding masks. I did all the work for you (you're welcome) so feel free to peruse and learn a ton! Also feel free to share!

If you would like a copy of either document in word or excel format, just let me know! I'd be happy to send them your way! Hoping you find yourself incredibly informed on everything to do with masks!

As always, think critically!

Yours truly... Danny!

Mask & Mask Spread Resources
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