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The Hate Speech Trap

The Hate Speech Trap

Biden’s ministry of truth

How Hate Speech is used to suppress dissent

Criminalizing Hate Speech Causes more problems than it solves

Antitrust Laws are used to prevent speech

History of Free Speech from Athens to the modern era

Most progressives today are pushing for a European model of speech suppression

1 in 3 college students believe violence is justified to prevent hate speech

Michael Knowles faces off against a teacher who believes speech is violence

Richard Spencer punched in the face

Leftist prof screams at NYPD to beat up Gavin McKinnes

Examples of free speech suppression

Yale free speech event interrupted

Riots at Berkley

Bret Weinstein at Evergreen

Jordan Peterson at U of T

Finnish MP Wins trial

Israel Fouleau

Kung Fu Fighting banned

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