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Welcome to the Half Blind Hecklers!

Where has all the truth gone? I don't know about you, but truth has virtually become extinct in our day. The news is filled with so much truth mixed with falsehood that its almost impossible to discern what is/isn't true. Governments constantly mislead their people and feed us lies. The internet and social media is just jam packed with good and bad information. It can be pretty exhausting to see through all the smoke. That's why we began the Half Blind Hecklers. We were tired of so much dishonesty and manipulation everywhere we looked, so we decided to create a video blog channel to try to shine some light on what is a world full of misinformation. We began simply as a video blog series, talking about news stories, but we have since expanded to do interviews, create some original content, and do roundtable discussions with interesting guests.

Our aim is to have frank and honest discussion of what is going on from a conservative and Christian perspective. Yes, we have a political bent. Who doesn't? But we still aim to be honest about the facts, providing sources and links for you to decide for yourselves and encourage everyone to do their own research. All of us are avid researchers who value reasonable dialogue and fact-based perspectives on a host of issues. We also try to make it fun and enjoyable. If we're having fun with it, we hope you will too. We hope you enjoy it!

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