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What Pleasure Island and the modern gender cult have in common


There's something truly sinister about the modern movement targeting children and recruiting them into the trans cult. The insidious nature of this movement is plain to see for anyone who is intellectually honest.

Just look at the actions taken; actions that in the past would have been absolutely unthinkable to decent people. You have the pseudo doctors whose "diagnosis" is nothing more than a rubber stamp meant to get children in the door. You have the intentional effort to keep parents in the dark in order to easily have access to impressionable and naive children. You have grandiose but ultimately empty promises of great outcomes and freedom. And in the end, the entire thing is a giant trap, intended not to help the vulnerable, but to exploit them for gain.

Something about this entire movement seemed very familiar to me. I couldn't put my finger on it until recently, when I was inspired to rewatch the movie Pinocchio. This is where the parallels became truly striking. Consider this:

In the movie, Pinocchio runs into a swindler named Honest John. It's obvious to us the audience that this man is a con artist, and the ridiculous contrast between his speech and his appearance make this very clear. Yet we recognize that this man is easily able to deceive a naive and trusting young child into believing that he is sick and that he has the cure. You also recognize that he has been doing this for all the children sent to this "cure."

If you think carefully, you can see the parallel between this Honest John and modern "doctors" who claim to be diagnosing and helping children; doctors who are either wilfully negligent of the harm they're causing, or ignorantly incompetent. In either case, we know by countless stories of doctors to whom a transgender diagnosis is nothing more than a rubber stamp, as in reality, transgenderism is the only medical area where self-diagnosis is the norm. The movement is saturated with Honest Johns.

Next, you have Pinocchio taken without parental consent to a place called pleasure island. Here you find that these boys are given complete freedom to do what they want, and all vices are at their disposal. The instant gratification gives them the feeling that they were right and that nothing bad could happen to them. But then at the end, you realize that something sinister is happening when the man in charge orders his lackeys to close the gate behind them.

This bears an incredible resemblance to the way the trans cult operates. Children are often taken by trusted professionals into secrecy and are then given incredible accolades, affirmation and social capital, all done in the absence of any parental figure. The trusting children are often fooled into thinking these people care for them, not realizing the trap that is being set for them. Many of these "professionals" and "experts" promise that this path is reversible, while knowing that none of these interventions are reversible at all. These children are led into a trap.

In the third scene, we see Pinocchio and his pal Lampwick feeling confident and scoffing at genuine people who tried to warn them. They find themselves horrified once they realize that they've been deceived, and sadly, they realize this once its too late to change anything.

Most children who are ushered into the cult believe those who brought them there. Even their peers believe that this is a good thing. It is only when they discover the horrifying truth about what has been done to them and that there's no way out, that they change their minds. But sadly, by that point its too late. The damage has been done. The process is irreversible. They've been transformed into something else.

The final scene is the most sad. Here we see the children that have been transformed and you realize what the true aim here was. Those that deceived them brought them here to sell them to salt mines, to the circus, or elsewhere. Even more tragic, is those that are still able to speak are tossed into a cage and scared into silence. They can't be allowed to blow the whistle on this operation.

Obviously this underscores the sad truth about this movement. Many of the children who were taken and put on this path don't find out the lie until much later, once it is too late to change any of it. There are forces out there who do this for money, for the social power it grants them, or for ideological means, but it doesn't matter. They're all using children for their own purposes. It should also be said that there is also a parallel with the children who can still talk. These are the people who regret their transition and attempt to speak out. Such people are often targeted and scared into silence by the very people that once claimed to care about them.

So there is indeed a strong and scary parallel between Pleasure Island and the modern gender cult. Both are a trap, but sadly too few people today realize that.

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